Among our projects are the following references:

Ecosummit: Ecosummit is the Smart Green Business Network for startups, investors and corporates. Our mission is to accelerate smart green innovation from company foundation to mass market. Our goal is the global transformation to the Smart Green Economy powered by 100% renewable energy and ubiquitous cleantech.

Smaato: Mobile Economy consulted the mobile advertising network on Corporate Strategy and Product Management in 2008. We proposed Smaato's claim - open mobile advertising - which we still like very much.

Mobile Executive Tour: Since 2004 we have organised 6 METs to Tokyo and 1 MET to Seoul. Please visit the MET Website. To catch some of the highlights and key lessons, please read the full April 2004 Report on Mobile Economy publishes the online magazine to provoke out-of-the-box thinking since October 2000.

Mobile Kaizen in Japan Seminar Tour 2003: Mobile Economy organised the successful seminar tour Mobile Kaizen in Japan through 7 cities in Germany. Overall, we have trained over 70 Mobile Kaizen Managers on how to improve their competitive position in the Mobile Economy Triangle (networks, devices and services) with the help of continuous improvement.

MIX: MIX is the ultimate SMS-based matchmaking service. MIX is based on a User Interface consisting 100% of SMS short commands and well suited for a Premium SMS service. However, MIX is still offline due to bad Premium SMS revenue sharing which makes the service to expensive for the users. We don't believe in ripping off our users! By the time GPRS and Java/Symbian will have a higher penetration in the market we might finally bring MIX online.

EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation: Mobile Economy's CEO Jan Michael Hess participated in HRTP 32 (Human Resources Training Programme). HRTP is highly recommendable and enabled Mobile Economy to expand its network and know-how in the Japanese wireless industry.

M-Squad GmbH: Mobile Business consulting assignments including a market report on innovative wireless technology providers from Japan and sales consulting for a location-based software developer in Germany.

debitel AG: Mobile Marketing consulting for Germany's leading mobile service provider.

Add2Phone GmbH: Sales consulting for Europe's leading Mobile Marketing technology provider from Helsinki, Finland.

Mobile Usability Report (published April 2001 in German): The first Mobile Usability Report in Germany. The project was developed together with eye square GmbH. The report is no longer sold. If you want to have a free copy, please send us an email.

Ecosummit 2012 celebrates Smart Green Business with new Award
Press Release: For the third time, Mobile Economy GmbH organises Ecosummit, the international smart green business conference. Ecosummit 2012 (ECO12) takes place on 22-23 March in Berlin and gathers 400 executives representing investors, startups, corporates and utilities. ECO12 focuses on cleantech, renewable energy, electric mobility, smart green city, startup financing and sustainability management. The new ECO12 Award rewards the best smart green companies in Europe.

Ecosummit Gathers Smart Green Economy on 24-25 March 2011 in Berlin
Germany is on its way to become the leading Smart Green Economy. For the second time, Mobile Economy GmbH organises the international Smart Green Economy and Cleantech conference. Ecosummit 2011 (ECO11) takes place on 24-25 March in the new eco hotel Scandic at Potsdamer Platz. ECO11 Sponsors include Nokia, Bank Sarasin, WHEB Partners, Taylor Wessing, MAMA, Green Technology Staffing, High-Tech Gründerfonds, Inventux, Kienbaum and WeSustain.